Naomi likes drawing things. She also likes Nutella – a lot, vista’s, anything food related,  pretty shiny things, shoes are good and drawing any of the above is what she does best (well it keeps her out of trouble and stops her annoying her husband!) Naomi loves living in Bristol where she can indulge in the views across the city and the amazing array of foody places, there is even a shop devoted to chocolate – what more could she want? Well possibly a chocolate pen!
This blog will showcase her illustrations (of the above) and more plus any musings or little bits that inspire and delight her.  

Ooooh - Nutella now I need a really big spoon!
Picture by Nicola Ladd / Sketch by Naomi

Boring but important stuff -  please read - thanks
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  1. Hehehe that properly tickled me...hope you find a giant spoon soon!!


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